British Masters Championships 2017 - Cardiff Wales

Junior coaches Andrew Buxton ( Canterbury Judokwai ) and Ryan Morrow alongside senior club member Dyfed Edwards took on the best of Britain this past weekend ( September 30th ). This is the competition for players aged 30 or above. Tough groups for all the players in only the 2nd competition of the year for them. Andy faught in the M2 -81kgs and had 1 win and two loses putting him narrowly out of medal contention. He did however go on to compete in the 2nd dan open catagory winning both his fights and gaining 20 points towards his 3rd dan.

Ryan faught in the M1 -81kgs, loosing his first quickly he went into his 2nd fight with ground work the highlight. After several submission attempts he was caught late in the fight in a hold down which saw him exit the competition.

 Dyfed faught in Mk2 -73kgs with a pool of 3. His 1st fight was lost on a strange refeering decision which we couldnt appeal. His 2nd was much more promising with great movement culminating in a excellent sumi gaeshi attempt. His opponent did well to twist out and secure a hold leaving Dyfed without a win. 

Honourable mention to friend of the club Jeff Dodson from Thanet who also narrowly missed out on medals.  

However as the phrase goes "you win or you learn". Its a great achievment to even be there fighting amongst the countries top competitors so well done to them. 


New term !

Easter is over !!  time to burn off all the chocolate .  

Pushing forward to summer holidays we will be getting everyone prepared and ready for a grading .  

Hopefully we will also see some of you compete . 

We will be asking you to help plan a summer social events for children and parents in the coming weeks So get your thinking caps on .  


we are also running a "bring your friends to judo " scheme . For the next month . For every TWO people you send our way you will receive a FREE session . 

They could be mum or dad joining in the seniors or your friend from school .  

See you tonight !!  

Herne Bay JC Masters

Three of Herne bay's and Canterbury's judokwai senior players ( Andy , Rowan and Micheal ) attended the National Masters Training session at British Judo's national training centre in Wallsall this past weekend ( 18th July ) . 

Seniors over the age of 30 are eligible to compete and train as a master and we are proud to have these players representing us at such a great event . 

Michael jumping for joy at the national masters training session  

Michael jumping for joy at the national masters training session  

The turn out was great with players from all over the country for a day of judo . The morning saw some ground work techniques learnt with an afternoon of randori after the lunch break . 

Our players have come back buzzing and we're hoping to get some more players attending these events in the future !  

A word from Tom Mount , Herne Bay JC founding member !

I started practising judo at Canterbury Judo Club in a small hall in Canterbury West Road , close to the railway station. It was some time in 1955. In 1957 , Henri Ditiker found us , he was studying english at the Ecole International, Downs Park, Herne Bay. I could not believe my luck , he was a 2nd Dan and at that time meeting a dan grade was unheard of in our area. I was even mre pleased when he agreed to be my mentor.

Tom's original license !  

At that time i worked at Chislet Colliery and was a member of the Old Scholars at Greenhill School ( now Herne Bay High School -RM ) , it was a social club. Henri asked if we could start a judo section there. (in 1958 - RM) We only had old coconut matting to practice on, but judo survived and grew. We practised at many of the local clubs , Henri was always appreciated where ever he taught.

First register at the old scholars !  

First register at the old scholars !  

In 1959 , henri took Alan Hook, Frank Burton and myself to a summer school in Switzerland , it was his Sensei's 25th year of teaching judo , he was 7th Dan Korean Embassy Diplomat Hano Rhi.We all graded at the end of the course and Henri gained his 3rd Dan. Henri decided to return to Switzerland to live and I promised him that I would keep a club going in Herne Bay.

When I decided to get married , Jean said she would not be happy with me being a collier. I had had a few nrear misses , so I left knowing that i would be called up for National Service , so no club. ( 1960 )

I was posted to Northern Ireland and managed to get a few practces in at local clubs in Belfast. The standard of their judo was very high , this was becasuse the highest grade was a 2nd dan. He could only grade students to 1st Dan , which meant to grade higher yhey would have to cross to mainland and noone bothered for years .

On leave I managed to keep in touch with local judo and was pleased that Mick Cook & Ray Cavanagh , members of the Old scholars , had started a club in Margate. ( formed around 1961)

I finished my national Service and saw that an evening class for judo was advertised at greenhill school , I went to enroll only to be told that they could not find an instructor , and thats how i got the job ! ( 1962)

As an evening class, it was run very much as Henri had taught me . Clive Morgan took over when I went into small buisness.(1964) It was after this that we approached M. George Field about having space to form a club at St. Mary's College . (1968)

I am please to see the club has continued . I have enclosed newspaper cuttings that will give you more information. 

People I owe a debt to for my judo : Henri Ditiker , John Gowland , Mick Leigh , Mick Davis , the best coaching course run at the club by Peter McNamara .

A debt of thanks is also outstanding to Mr. John Fitt , who loaned the club £1000 when we were building . "The only private money given to the club", to be paid back when and if we could. John came to the club when we had finished , I explained that it might be some time before we could pay any of the loan back. He looked around the club and said that he did not think we would manage to finish such a project . He also said , he did not expect to get the money back and it was a gift to judo. John had been a judoka years before.

If at some future date you have a comp or event , I think it would be nice to invite him to the club.

Tom Mount