Here is information related to gradings.

Herne Bay JC aim to run 4 gradings per year . All students should aim to attend at least 3 of these in order to keep progressing and challanging themselves within judo . 

Keep up to date with the next grading via our club notice board , or via facebook , twitter and online .


 Below are some links to grading information and training resources 

The belt system is a distinctive feature of judo. Promotion within the Mon and Kyu grades is based on technical ability, knowledge and understanding, together with Japanese terminology and supplementary knowledge. There is no contest requirement but it is expected that the judoka follows a recommended randori and contest program as illustrated in the syllabus and has attained appropriate levels of achievement for each colour belt.

To attain a Dan grade, a judoka can enter an examination against other judoka of the same grade and, by demonstrating superiority over a cross-section of judoka at the same level, can win promotion to the next rank. Wins against judoka of the same grade or above in certain competitions may also count towards promotion. In this way, promotion through the Dan grades becomes increasingly difficult, since for each new grade the players will be of a higher standard. Judoka must also complete a competitive skills assessment that becomes progressively more demanding as they move through the Dan grades. However, a judoka may choose to follow the Technical Dan Grade pathway where they are examined on technical knowledge and understanding against a set criteria, higher than that for the contest route, and which also becomes progressively more difficult through the grades.

The time honoured distinction is between Kyu (student) and Dan (advanced) grades. Put simply, the distinction marks the point at which the emphasis shifts away from the acquisition of technique on to its effective application.

Promotion within the Dan grades does not carry a change of designated colour until 6th Dan is achieved. Even then it is customary for the holder to continue wearing a black belt in everyday practice, reserving the official colour for ceremonial occasions. The Dan grades are as follows:

Junior and Intermediate 

Mon grade Syllabus


Kyu Grades

Kyu grade syllabus 

Dan Grades


Dan grade requirements 

Dan Grade syllabus

Competitve Pathway

Exam Form 

Technical Pathway

Genral Info 

Exam Form